Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Sassy

Sassyfrass, you'll be missed.  May your soul rest in peace and travel to that big litter box in the sky with all the mouseies in the universe.  

Sassy was silently killed in our front yard last night at about 8 pm by two large dogs (we know where they live).  She had no wounds or blood. I think they must have broke her neck.  

We didn't see it happen, but by the time we went outside to check, her body was lying limp in the grass under the pine tree. I could see the family walking in the distance with their two dogs as they made way towards their house.  

All she wanted to do was take a nap in the bushes.

I know they heard me scream in agony as I realized the loss of our baby girl.  Our only baby girl.  The sweetest baby girl in the world.  

Oh Chassyfrass! How I miss you so much!

We laid her body to rest under the sago palm in the back yard. One of her favorite places to play with her brother, Buddy.

Earlier in the afternoon as I was petting Sass I told her, "today (4/14) is your  birthday too."  A special day, her daddy's (Travis) birthday too. Lo and behold, they would both have the most tragic birthdays.


We found you on July 20, 2010 in our driveway covered in fleas and begging for some lovin'.  We took you in and gave you a home.  You were the 4th addition to the family.  A blessing and a lady.  Your brothers love you so much.  

Rocky will miss the way you'd clean the top of his head every morning.  Buddy will miss playing tag with you in the backyard.  I'll miss how you'd play fetch with your mouseies.  How you'd flop on the ground to get your belly rubbed.  Most of all i'll miss your squeak since you couldn't meow.  

I'm certain you had at least 8 more lives left. This is why my heart is so broken.

You will forever be my Sass, my baby girl, my little Chassy, a petite lady, and my child.  

Has your cat been the victim of a dog?  Please share your story.

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